UX/UI Design


A person’s daily water intake can be difficult to track. Typical Water trackers only tracks the amount of water a person drinks. However, what if there was a way for people to track their water intake based on the foods they eat? 82O is a mobile app that tracks a user’s water intake based on the foods they eat. Foods like fruits, vegetables, and dairy is clearly recorded in 82O.

In creating the name, I was influenced by the compound H2O. 8 represents the norm of 8 ounce glasses a day. When said, 8 also sounds like “ate”, which fits my theme of a food water tracker app. I also kept the style of the logo simple and clean, just like water. I incorporated a water drop for the O in 82O.

Programs Used
Adobe XD
Adobe Illustrator



Design Process

Identifying the Problem
Creating a smartphone app that focuses on one simple task

App’s specific functions
1) Track water intake based on the foods or beverages they have consumed in a day
2) See recommended daily water intake based on the user’s height, weight, activity levels, and dietary requirements
3) Get recommendations of water-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables
4) Allows users to read benefits of drinking water

Target Audience
82O targets health-conscious individuals, such as people who are active or athletic. Athletes sweat a lot, and they need to stay hydrated to perform well. 82O also helps people who want to have a better water intake, but don’t know the proper amounts of water they need.